segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2010

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 01 de Fevereiro

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1ª hora

edwin collins - you´ll never known(my love)
trus´me feat amp fidler - can we pretend
chris coco - butterfly heart
groove armada feat bryan ferry - shameless
polygroovers feat amber rae - someone else
massive attack martina topley-bird - babel
stefan obermaier - bah mea
wet cookis - something´s changing
sade - the moon and the sky
aura - something for nothing/jazzbox remix
nikolaj grandjean - wake up with me/pocketknife remix

2ª hora

dubphonic feat liset alea - the only girl on earth
boogiewood - guy le arch
jose james - lay you down
patrick marsh vs jacqueline joly - un petit jeu
yoav - club thing/radio edit
freedom satelitte - astro black/the big wow mix
grace jones - william´s blood/aeroplanes remix
callmekat - toxic
ramon feat louie austen & chris kisielewsky - the cycle of the sun
nuno filipe feat moun pizon - u better not
angus & julia stone - and the boys
kurt auto & leni lust - strawberry flavour

3ª hora

marsen jules - the sound of one lip kissing
bvdub - lest you forget
triola - schildergasse
wolfgang voigt - zither und horn
andrew thomas - clouds across face
the orb - glen coe
mikkel metal - blue items
dj koze - bodenweich
jurgen paape - 864m
dettinger - therefore
thomas fehlmann - in the wind
popnoname - deutz air