quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Emissão de Quinta-Feira - 25 de Fevereiro


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1ª hora

nickodemus feat falu - didibina/j-boogie remix
eastenders feat bajka - capitalism/zilver & gold remix
yello - part love
the rurals - missing you
tm juke & the jack baker trio feat kathryn de boer - rolling stone to landslide
mr scruff feat andreya triana - hold on
parov stelar - the mojo radio gang/club version
dub pistols feat ashley slater - back to daylight
jam da silva feat isaar - dia santo
pop-3 feat lukasz polowczyk - obsolete
booster feat sandra nkake - sex friend
1 giant leap feat speech & boots riley - what i need is something different

2ª hora

the doors - break on through/infected mushroom swing remix
soleil fisher feat mirijam - trouble/fabulous orbit deluxe mix
leni lust & kurt - strawberry flavour
rogall & the electric circus sideshow - underground
nostalgia 77 feat keith & julie tippett - new inner city blues
full crate & mar - she was fly
mavis feat sarah cracknell - when i walk with you(heartbreak song)
saunders sermons feat lee hogans - most beautiful
ingrid chavez - tightrope
ayoe angelica - i´m your piano
sade - soldier of love
papik - e la chiamano estate
waldeck feat zeebee - memories

3ª hora

caravan palace - ended with the night
julie c - breathe
variety lab feat yael naim - love is a bird
sun circle - peaceful
buika - mienteme bien
nicola conte feat jose james - awakening
paul anka - everybody hurts
el trio de omar rodriguez lopez - jueves
alice russell - crazy
elisabeth - kontomanou - i put a spell on you/live
federico aubele - te quiero a ti