sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2010

Emissão de Sexta-Feira - 29 de Janeiro

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1ª hora

the andrew sisters - rum & coca cola/jojo effect remix
the jungle machine - sound empire
yello - the expert/spencer & hill remix
melchyor a. - stay and believe/hmida edit mix
dubphonic feat mau - ricky balboa
charles webster feat samantha james - together as one
sheckter - some kind of manin
kevin yost - truth be told
sven van hees feat femke - second in line
c. robert walker - nobody else but you/main mix
elastic sound - ocean secrets

2ª hora

aura - song for sophie/jazzbox remix
the bas lexter ensample - la vida de los uruguayos
sublex inc - rockstar
yello - bostich/reflected
floorjivers - whatever lola wants
thirdiq feat maru - to zion
dj cam presents inlove - rock with you
guts - we want to be different
fat freddy´s drop feat alice russell - the camel
dj i.n.c. & the soul people - conversation level
club des belugas feat anna luca - passing on the screen

3ª hora

sade - soldier of love
thomas siffling trio - one hand clapping
gare du nord - call it quits
de phazz & the radio big band frankfurt - heart gallery
maxwell - pretty wings
corinne bailey-rae - the sea
céu - grains de beauté
jose james - detroit loveletter
boozoo bajou - grains
ohm guru - silk
bom the bass feat mark lanegan - black river/lulu rouge stella polaris remix
digital alkemist feat os amantes - um novo dia
papik - crazy