quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

Emissão de Quinta-Feira - 11 de Fevereiro


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1ª hora

scheckter - some kind of moanin´
zero 7 - everything up(zizou)
cayetano feat kozalias - another galaxy
groove armada - history
the afrozen orchestra - tongana
trus´me feat pirahnahead - in the red
dj disse - taxi to war/downtempo remix
instituto mexicano del sonido - el microfono/nickodemus remix
us3 feat brook yung & sene - she´s with me
luciano - los niños de fuera
adani & wolf - horror paradise

2ª hora

una mas trio feat bajka - clear as water
sven van hees feat ines del acebo - all men cry
julien dyne - incredulous
massive attack feat horace andy - girl i love you
bebe - busco me
o jardim das horas - expansão
the bas lexter ensample - the bobo
guts - i want you tonight
tape five feat brenda boykin - far far away/cahrles-tone mix
the rAah project - trick of the light
kira neris feat cecilia stalin - together

3ª hora

b-tribe - hasta luego/goodbye
sade - the moon and the sky
corinne bailey-rae - the sea
les baxter - taboo/jojo effect remix
tindersticks - factory girls
nostalgia 77 feat keith & julie tippett - you don´t just dream when you sleep
gotye - seven hours with a backseat driver
karen young & eric auclair - spring fever
the bad plus feat wendy lewis - how deep is your love
omar sosa - promised land
laika fatien - you can´t loose a broken heart
keith jarrett trio - my foolish heart/live