sexta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2009

Emissão de Sexta-Feira - 27 de Novembro

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1ª hora

roy davis jr feat heat fam - space muzik
radio utopia feat bajka - human loss and gain/club des belugas remix
wayne gardiner feat ras anthony - in the mood/main house vox
pal joey - encore/agev munsen dub edit
yoshihisa h - crimson/main mix
hippie torrales,jose burgos,jerrell battle - samba groove
basement jaxx feat jose james - gimme somethin´true
the deep & fred melosax - dom dom jump/sax mix
m.sadler & arnaud d. feat mj white - sweet innocence/spiritual blessings remix

2ª hora

charles webster feat delroy st joseph - sweet butterfly
monodeluxe - get down with it
emby - retty
blade & the masquenada family - appuntamento/al porto jazzy gentle remix
canyons - apple & pears
federico aubele - luna y sol/herbstrong remix
dublex inc feat tuomo - hell in a handbag
ancient astronauts feat bajka - surfing the silvatide
chaz jankel - give it up/yam who? rework
new york 82 - old
kennet bager - fragment one...and i kept hearing/jazzbox remix

3ª hora

boozoo bajou - sign/dublex inc slower remix
afterlife - half time
fink & tina grace - take it easy my brother charlie
forro in the dark - suor de pele fina
the andrew sisters - rum & coca cola/jojo effect remix
bonobo feat andreya triana - the keeper
ambiens indages feat teresa gabriel - caravela sideral azul
alpha - burn me again
inger marie gundersen - one
i am child - waiting to fall
venus in motion - this woman