quinta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2009

Emissão de Quinta-Feira - 19 de Novembro


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1ª hora

haaksman & haaksman feat guga rei - na latinha
phr streetgang - j2thab
zeep - ghost town (isso não dá)
matthew bandy presents know - time me
crazy p presents syndromes - freak control
copyright feat shovell - warrior dance/shaka zulu mix
bonobo feat andreya triana - the keeper/redeyes remix
from p60 feat virag - realize
towa tei feat taprikk sweezee - taste of you

2ª hora

unforscene - belly full of lead
lulu rouge feat alice carreri - melankoli
shahrokh sound of k feat toyin taylor - time and again
gerardo frisina feat andream maia - samba skindim
nickodemus feat the new york gypsy allstars - werisewefallwerise
boozoo bajou feat rumor - messengers
briskey - after hours
terry callier - sunset boulevard
the rAah project - funeral wedding
alif tree - without her
nikolaj grandjean - love rocks
bugge wesseltoft feat sidel endresen - try

3ª hora

gare du nord - berlin beat
bliss feat ane brun - trust in your love
lisa ekdahl - give me that slow knowing smile
wigald boning - lost in london
buika - la niebla
tosca - springer
quiet village - broken promises
paul anka - eyes without a face
alice russell - crazy
henry mancini - the tango i saved for you/zeb remix
fleurs noires - sombras
the rAah project - trick of the light