quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 04 de Novembro


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1ª hora

sven van hees feat steinhardt - culebra island
phr streetgang - j2thab
shahrokh sound of k feat siri sveglar - leave your hat on
dublex inc - rockstar
zero 7 feat eska mtungwazi - medicine man
zeep - heads you win
club des belugas feat brenda boykin - wild is my love
natural self - every day
dj cam quartet feat inlove - you´ve got to have freedom
afterlife - national dobro
de phazz & the radio big band frankfurt - jeunesse doree

2ª hora

s-tone inc - my only man
doctor abstract - struck on jazz
rosália de souza - bossa 50
yello feat heidi happy - kiss in blue
kings of convenience - mrs cold
wax taylor feat charlotte savary - go without me
mr scruff feat alice russell - music takes me up
bebel gilberto - all in one
club des belugas feat brenda boykin - zoo zizaro
club squisito - listen to me
thomas siffling trio - one hand clapping
fink - maker
terry callier - wings

3ª hora

jojo effect - mambo tonight
bonobo feat andryea trina - the keeper
minus 8 feat virag - everybody´s gotta learn sometimes
green point orchestra - 6 utra
imelda may - meet you at the moon
iggy pop - how insensitive
club des belugas - wigwag
koop feat yukimi nagano - whenever there is you
jen meets solar moon - asleep
briskey - l´amour fou
karrin allyson - next time around(soultrane)
soul buddha with d-mac - so in love with you
de phazz & the radio big band frankfurt - death by chocolate