quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2009

Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 11 de Novembro


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1ª hora

lukas greenberg - dubai nights
motorcitysoul - change you
alice russell - got the hunger/dj vadim remix
roy davis jr feat erin martin - i have a vision
luciano - los niños de fuera
izmo feat diamondancer - ice jungle
horace andy & alpha - two phazed people
yello - out of dawn
georg levin feat clara hill - the better life
soulpersona feat kia bennett - so natural

2ª hora

ayoe angelica - sugar
mario biondi - winter in america
skye - clock to stop
cassandra wilson - time after time
club des belugas feat brenda boykin - wild is my love
jojo effect feat iain macenzie - the swing ding song
kings of convenience - me in you
nitin sawhney feat roxanne tataei - distant dreams
yello feat heidi happy - you better hide
ilya - haunting
lambchop - close up and personal
sven van hees - mantastic
sven van hees feat steinhardt - nubian nightfall

3ª hora

antony and the johnsons - one dove
emiliana torrini - if you go away
air - you can tell it to everybody
de phazz - un ange passé
club des belugas - pain is temporary
brett anderson - ashes of us
nikolaj grandjean - rain come
sporto kantes feat michael robinson - concrete
3-11 porter - back to you
bellman - all that is beautiful
aqualung - arrivals
bohren & der club of gore - faul