segunda-feira, 18 de junho de 2012

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 18 de Junho

Noite de Vigilia - Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 18 de Junho

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1ª hora

Blood Groove  & Kikis - Deep Grain (Grigory Melikhov Remix)
Rick Wade - The World With No Name, Space With No Sound
Finnebassen - Touching Me (Original Mix)
Marcelo Rosselot - Viaje En Tango (feat Oportus - Oliver Klein & Peter Jurgens
Christos Fourkis - Emotion (Artie Flexs Remix)
Sons Of Maria - So Blue
Julia Messenger - I Gave You My Heart
Gosh & Kanov - Thinkings (Tom Glass Remix)
Milton Jackson - DSI

2ª hora

Jaidene Veda - healing (Veda Vocal)
Mo Horizons Feat Yanez - Cowboy Bossa
Low Deep T - Now That Ive Found U (Original Mix)
Gare Du Nord - What's Up!
Club Des Belugas Feat Anna Luca - Glorious Beach Livin'
Hot Chip - Look At Where We Are
Sabrina Starke - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Angelica Ayoe - Slowly Burning Bridges
Rick Wade - Life In The Colony
Jojo Effect Feat Anne Schnell - Thought's Tango
De Phazz - The Ball Is My Friend
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra Feat Lum - That's The Way I Like It
Melody Gardot - Mira

3ª hora

Lemongrass - Anohito (He)
JEN meets Black Orchids - Ratnapura 16
The Bas Lexter Ensample - Sayuri
The Blue Monk - Traveling Monk-e
Antennasia - Yojigen & Kosa & Shingo & Ikiru (Embee Remix)
Nashi Young Cho & Corporal Identity - Wake Up It's Spring (Love in Beijing)
Rajesh - Tea in the Sahara
Calcutta Offroad - Anything Mentioned (Asia Lounge Version)
JazN & Amol Chaman - Chandni
MoShang - To a Friend Bound West
Corporal Identity - Asian Dawn
Five Seasons - La Isla
Brown & Smith & Grey - Siam Romance
Deja-Move - Dopenut