quinta-feira, 7 de junho de 2012

Emissão de Quinta-Feira - 07 de Junho

Noite de Vigilia - Emissão de Quinta-Feira - 07 de Junho


oiça a emissão on-line @ antena 3:

1ª hora

Anne Wirz - Resolution (Nomumbah Remix)
Bradford James - Deep Odyssea (Galaktik Mix)
Pirahnahead Feat. Yaminah - I Do Love U (Abicah Soul Vocal Mix)
Ornette - Crazy (Noze Remix)
Avi Elman & Danny J - Give 'N Take (UPZ Deep Mix)
Maya Jane Coles - What They Say
DJ Harris feat Dvine - Get Down (Blackjean And Marvink Deeper Mix)
Athenai - Life (D'oke Smile Remix)
Lemon & Herb - Violins In A Cave (Main Mix)

2ª hora

Blundetto - Warm My Soul (With Courtney John)
Club Des Belugas Feat Anna-Luca - Desperately Trying (Swing mix)
Lucy And Rone - Mediocritics (Cosmic Cowboys Remix)
Jazzanova - Look What Youre Doin To Me feat. Phonte (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)
Federico Aubele feat. Ka - Efemera
Gotye - State Of The Art
Rachael Sage - Invisible Light (Reprise) (Feat. Dar Williams)
Jojo Effect - Merveilleux feat Reiner Winterschladen - Wonderful instrumental edit
Jaimee Paul - Ain't no sunshine
Blue Fields - Thats What It Was
Chromatics - The River
Chrysta Bell - This Train

3ª hora

Jose Paella - Dreaming of a New World - Original Mix
Taigherwuds - Colombia - Chill Out Mix
Ambitus - 100 Teardrops
Thundermike - My Sweet Baby's Asleep - Original Piano Mix
Marco Allevi - In Front of the Sea
Yoga Yama - Ahimsa
Softcore - Symmetry
Kokoz - Ohm
M.A.X. - Who Cares - Instrumental
Miguel Lando - Sylt - Comfort Version
Twicey - J6 - Original Mix
Yoursck - The Ghost The Lights And Me