terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011

Emissão de Terça-Feira - 27 de Setembro


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1ª hora

soundselection - indiatrip
jenifa mayanja - woman walking in the shadows
climatic - ecoutes
frankman - orp
natural funk - laloo
norma jean bell - feel what i feel
cosmic cowboys - velvet/boris hotton remix
yokoo - underwater romance/dekay & elia eidelman remix
verano - you

2ª hora

wouter hamel - touch the stars
benji boko feat maxi jazz - where my heart is
jenifa mayanja - the mask
yonderboi - i am cgi
kid loco - friends of mine
julia boman - part-time lover
ane brun - what´s happening with you and him
timber timbre - black water
bjork - thunderbolt
catbird - how long must i wait
maria mena - takes one to know one
lr-60 & mr moods - mirage

3ª hora

leoboris & billy - all my love
martian feat daminika - your faint smile
ilya cryis feat ivan riddle - last night on the sea
u.o.k. - tokyo airport
leoboris & billy - touching the sky
berlin project - alexandra
atlantis ocean - beautiful end of the world
leoboris - a touch of hopeful wind
david vade - snow
a.w.e.r.s. - everything has changed
leoboris - unconscious hovering
k.s.project & princesska.ru feat v.ray & syntheticsax & aI k - together with you
berlin project - the love sea
dj party-zan - rain in your eyes
george kamelon - deep breath