sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2011

Emissão de Sexta-Feira - 23 de Setembro

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1ª hora

nicolas jaar - mi mujer
drop out orchestra - drop out theme
nelson - she´s gone/main version
david august - hamburg is for lovers
miguel migs feat half paint - life
jens lekman - sipping on the sweet nectar/ultra vocal dub
kruse & nurnberg - lights down
ben westbeech - justice
soukie & windwish feat rayo - small

2ª hora

rvds - a walk on the moon
tensnake - congolal
nôze feat wareika - exodus
kartell - diaporama
quantic & his combo barbaro - mas pan/dj day remix
miguel migs feat georg levin - getaway
mario basanov & vidis feat giedre - suspend the feeling
victor davies - words and a song
anomie belle - mosquito in the closet
dj phono - paper aeroplane
nacho sotomayor - chanson de bianca
nick cave & the bad seeds - as i sat sadly by her side

3ª hora

ltj experience - moon beat
ohm guru - montedivenere
dj rodriguez - meet my sensei
ltj experience - electric shades
tito valdez - baila candela/the big nowhere mix
black mighty wax - blue mambo
zeb - bedouin afterhour
skin 4 - asia experience
jestofunk - reflection
science force - statik flowers
ltj experience feat jackson sloan- sombre guitar
bossa nostra - jackie/east west connection twisted bossa remix