quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2011

Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 28 de Setembro


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1ª hora

alex gopher - the child/k-dope remix
anthony nicholson - travellin´song(sonic sensitivity)
wareika - be real/pon on remix
m-swift - a night in são paulo
whomadewho - nothing has changed
bugz in the attic - allstars
mocean worker - sistas & bruthas
death in vegas - you loft my acid
cubic zirconia feat bilal - night or day
vector lovers - tokyo glitterati

2ª hora

daso - la fee verté/martin beume remix
yonderboi - roast pigeon
ursula 1000 feat isabelle antena - repetez la repertoire
mocean worker - it still don´t mean a thing
the rurals feat irantzu - hermosa blues
the stepkids - lala
swing republic feat howlin´wolf - crying at daybreak
yael naim - man of another woman
stealing sheep - shoot the ducks to win
the moleskins - glory box
obenewa - make it better
sophie barker - seagull

3ª hora

nicolas jaar - être
evaeva - nyblues
gare du nord - poor boy´s blues
nikolaj grandjean - heroes & saints
patti austen - enjoy the silence
susheela raman - orfea
dusan - pandora
mr moods - tribute to mario lanza
sheila shandra - the enchantment
sara lov - there is a light that never goes out
peder feat dean bowman - the sour
tape five - cancun(a tribute to henri mancini)