sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2010

Emissão de Sexta-Feira - 01 de Janeiro

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1ª hora

philippe chretien - le chat noir
floorjivers - can i join you
yello feat dorothee oberlinger - takla makan
jam da silva feat isaar - dia santo
from p60 feat virag - all i can do
de phazz & the radio big band frankfurt - the mambo craze
kings of convenience - mrs cold
steve paradise feat elisabeth geel - indian love
boozoo bajou - sign/dublex inc slower remix
jojo effect - sunny summerday

2ª hora

deep dive corp feat michelle adamson - pirates
kuba - bringint it all back home
naoki kenji with pat appleton - modern unreal
the quiet nights orchestra - quiet nights
china moses with raphael lemonnier - mad about the boy
sarah slean - us and them
dj cam presents inlove - rock with you
ayoe angelica - dr jekyll
céu - grains de beauté
minus 8 - enigma of summer afternoon
bliss feat ane brun - trust in your love
sophie solomon feat richard hawley - burnt by the sun

3ª hora

renaud garcia-fons feat esperanza fernandez - el agua de la vida
richard hawley - remorse code
iggy pop - les feuilles mortes
ambiens indages feat teresa gabriel - caravela sideral azul
nitin sawhney feat roxanne tataei - distant dreams/acoustic mix
bossa nossa - dunas
diana krall - walk on by
karrin allyson - what´s new
michael buble - whatever it takes
mario biondi - something that was beautiful
alessandro magnanini feat jenny b - so long,goodbye
maroon 5 - the way you look tonight