segunda-feira, 20 de maio de 2013

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 20 de Maio

Noite de Vigilia - Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 20 de Maio

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Emissões Anteriores / Previous Shows  -

1ª hora

Del Horno - Desire (Stepping Out Of The Box Remix)
Doomwork - Come Away From Club Abduction (Jetro Remix)
Robert S - Pianotik (Original Mix)
Alessio Mereu - Resurgence
Boss Axis - Tanquilla (Beatamines Remix)
Angelo Mele - Work It (Danilo Schneider Remix)
Amalia Leandro - Lost 4 Days (Sandy Rivera & C.Castel's Mix)
Antonio Pocai - Hot, Load (Adriano Filippucci Remix)
Adam Port - Black Noise (&Me Remix)

2ª hora

Atix - Dance Mama
Damir Pushkar & B.Original - Deepsea and Afterhours
Ariane Blank - Dancing With the Sleepy Heads
Acid Mondays - El Recorrido
Asem Shama Feat Mz Sunday Luv - Secret For You
Audiokonstrukte - Relief
Nelson Caires - Grooving Flavour (Original Mix )
The Beatles - Come Together (David August Edit)
Massive Attack - Paradise Circus - Gui Boratto Remix

3ª hora

Rainfairy - For a Moment - Sunset Kandi Lounge Mix
Debora Vilchez - Tell Me
Lounge Pilots - My World - Ibiza Lounge Mix
Pathétique - Au clair de la lune - Vocal lounge mix
Silversparrow - Follow Your Dreams - Cafe Ibiza Bedroom Lounge Mix
Thomas Lemmer - Is It Too Late - Original Mix
Swingarette - Any Time Any Place - Smooth Jazzy Bar Mix
Melounge - Too Much Sugar - When Bedroom Love Takes Over Mix
Emeli Birdy - What You Gonna Do - Soul 2 Sax Mix
Perry Oxial - Follow Me With Your Eyes - Wide Awake Mix
Sofa Groovers - l Voyageur - French mix