quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2012

Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 11 de Julho

Noite de Vigilia - Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 11 de Julho


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1ª hora

Cosmic Cowboys - All the Words I Never Told You - Marc Poppcke Remix
Antonio Lyons - Suga Foot - Rocco's Deep Remix
Robert Owens -  - Ill Be Your Friend (Soul Clap And Gadi Mizrahi Remix)
David Keno - Save Yourself
Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco - Sunday Night Fevers
Mikael Delta - For Those Who Have Been Chosen - Redondo Remix
Mike Richardson - Looking Back (Feat. KT Forrester)
Butch - Amnesia Haze
Mathilda Leek - Lately

2ª hora

Monika Kruse - Exhale
Massivan - 2 B@1 With The World
Gare Du Nord - Somethin' Like That
Jettricks - I Will Follow You (feat. Faye Houston)
De Phazz - Not Sally
Joe Jackson - I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
Monika Borzym - You Know Im No Good
Macy Gray - Nothing Else Matters
Malia - I Put a Spell On You
Micatone - Handbrake Feat Stuart Staples
Melody Gardot - Lisboa

3ª hora

Antennasia - Lost
Melody Gardot - So Long
Sow Keng Poon - Lover's Tears
Van - The Beauty Of The East
Haley - I Remember
Sophie Zelmani - The Years
Sugar Brownie - Facing The World - Soul 2 Lounge Mix
Wolf Myer Orchestra Ft. Lylit - Soulgate
Depeche Mode - Goodnight Lovers
Etro Anime - Let It Go
Lorna Lee - Jalousie
Stardelay - Thoughts & Words
Dj Paulbass & Dj Gorodnev & P.Kolvinkovsky - Call Me (Lounge Mix)
Luke - Heavens On Fire
Mazelo Nostra - Angels Are Coming - Original Mix
Azam Ali - Tenderness