segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2011

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 20 de Junho

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1ª hora

audio lotion - mr gamma escapes
hideo kobayhashi feat christa - beautiful moment/fog city radio edit
bah samba - have you got your bootz on/jkriv´s brooklyn boogie mix
phonique feat rebecca - feel what you want
marsmobil - patience/long version
radio utopia feat bajka - children of africa
cusmos feat mirre m - oh boy this is weird
uyama hiroto - climbed mountain
the florian muller project - tendre intervalle
dom navarra feat rainy payne - play me
kormac - wash my hands

2ª hora

up,bustle & out feat sally´s city cats - sokak cats
jet tricks - slow dance
mala rodriguez - patito feo
quantic presenta flowering inferno - cumbia sobre el mar
telepath - interlock
cantoma - dix verte
audio shaman - si«un song(flute dub)
lucy woodward - ragdoll
eigenart - beauty & the best
digital alkemyst - um novo dia
nighthawks - ederlezi
till bronner - and i love her

3ª hora

dustmotes - animals
mr moods - deccan´s trap
chief o´dell - free and independent
kisszanto - psychedeliental
defiant kinetics - epistate
dfader - lost you there
will - count in 3s
a fractal void - the door
abstracode - 2 days 2 ways
rare - closer
information feat shamane - csillaut
frenic - no apologies
kisszanto - dancing with natives around the camp-fire