quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2011

Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 22 de Junho


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1ª hora

blank & jones - summergroove
open foraine feat jack quinonez - fala tanto
santos - amante/yoruba suite mix
agoria feat carl craig - speechless
annakin - it´s sin
leon somov & jazzu - score
bebo best & the super lounge orchestra - james bond theme
jojo effect - im an old cowhand/billy the kid album mix
sophie barker - maybe i
bah samba feat daddy´s girl - its just your love
boddhi satva feat athenai & c.robert walker - who am i/atjazz love soul remix

2ª hora

floorjivers - turn on tune in cope out
sunlounge feat coloured pearls - 2 becomes 3
paul hardcastle - rainforest/whats going on
mo horizons feat marga mungwanbe - kiss
nôze feat dop - in the back of my ship
gotan project - tango square
lr-60 & mr moods - mirage
sophie barker - say goodbye
arsenal - fear of heights
portishead - roads
eliane elias - light my fire
eva cassidy - autumn leaves

3ª hora

messages - indian landmark
tom carter - august is all
zaimph - tobacco flowers
loren connors and margarida garcia - live at union pool
ghost beat - hunger
gotard - the cross on the horizon
gus till & chika asamoto - lotus
hunang skrimsli - the great landfill in the sky
igor boxx - downfall
jay jay johanson - out of focua
jean baton - lullaby
lr-60 & mr moods - the moon
rosa lux - den der hvisker lyver