sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

Emissão de Sexta-Feira - 12 de Novembro

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1ª hora

erro - don´t change/main mix
rhythm masters & mync feat wynter gordon - i feel love/circus parade remix
osunlade - my reflection
atelewo - new day
soul central feat abigail bailey - time after time/yoruba soul mix
nicole otero - sunshine song/brennan green remix
lovebirds & vincenzo - music/fred evrything´s lazy dayz remix
international velvet - sitar gaze/mo horizons freestyle remix
dj wada - el cafe/satoshi fumis penguin mix

2ª hora

steve osaka - among the reed
mark watson - somewhere else
yello feat shirley bassey - the rhythm divine
without face & without number - la coccinelle
glam sam & his combo - give it to me,baby
tontelas feat ski - on my way
boozoo bajou - yms/afterlife remix
3 na massa feat pitty - lágrimas pretas
bristol love - mon amour
the black orchids feat ludo pin - dimanche
ben leinbach & geoffrey gordon - cerulean
abigoba feat marine pellegrini - what is the link?

3ª hora

makeda - revelations(better than b4)
gordon chambers - if wasn´t for your love
drizabone soul family - real love
tortured soul - love everlasting
angela johnson feat claude mcknight - here i stand
full flava feat carleen anderson - you are
don e - love shine in
coolys hot box - what a surprise
heston - distant lover
anthony david - heartstrings
conya doss - you really hurt me
makeda - new wine
hil st soul - sweetest days