quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 03 de Novembro


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1ª hora

gilles peterson´s havana cultura band - mami/el produtor en jefe tropicalia remix
club squisito - leave me now
the kenneth bager experience feat thomas troelsen - fragment 13...i can´t wait
christian hornbostel presents zons of zambesi - zambesi/album mix
solanos feat adriana macedo - estranha
radio utopia feat bajka - get up,stand up
the bahama soul club feat pat appleton - bossa bop
seductive souls feat aaron washington - your love
emilie-claire barlow - these boots are made for walkin´
rumer - slow
3 na massa feat karina falcão - certa noite
abigoba feat china moses - darwin´s nightmare

2ª hora

gilles peterson´s havana cultura band - roforofo/louie vega´s eol remix
otros aires - barrio de amor
komm h - mr cool
mario biondi - love dreamer
the burhorn feat y´akoto - you will never know
the bahama soul club feat pat appleton - tangossa
till bronner - and i love her
the durutti column - brother
rumer - am i forgiven
joso james feat jordana de lovely - love conversation
charlie haden & quartet west feat melody gardot - if i´m lucky

3ª hora

redlounge orchestra - ennophonic
air - love
nux - feel the vibe
mirage of deep - mon amour de paris/lounge version 2009
glam sam & his combo - give it to me,baby
kosmax - jasmine
mr scruff - music takes me up
coldcut - walk a mile in my shoes
synthpatic - do you
vish knew project - is he
daniel ray van zyl - lost time
bloomfield - love me please love me
sip and pass - morning