segunda-feira, 14 de junho de 2010

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 14 de Junho

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1ª hora

anané - plastic people/louie vega roots blues mix
chris carrier - grosse de paris
clemens rumpf & david a. tobin - jazz in the house/sax groove mix
cusmos feat mirre m. - let love spoil you
dom navarra feat arnold jarvis - all around the world
giano - stella in the starlight/dave allison mix
joeski & matthias heilborn feat jessi colasante - i got news/original jazz mix
sean dimitrie - hopscotch/johhny fiasco remix
maurice brown - good vibrations
radio utopia feat bjaka - children of africa

2ª hora

samantha james - satellites
sérgio mendes - só tinha de ser com você/nicola conte zona sul version
sunset session group - mysterious love
jules wells - the d/the florian muller project sofa remix
jihad muhammad - ascension/piano mix
ror-shak feat julee cruise - fate or faith
radio utopia feat bajka - get up stand up
johnatha jeremiah - happiness/quiet village remix
soulounge feat cultured pearls - two become three
winterphonic - test tube thought

3ª hora

Deepak Chopra And Friends - A Gift Of Love II - Oceans Of Ecstasy


Deepak Chopra - Oceans of Ecstasy
Gotham Chopra - The Storm - Shores Of Love
Lisa Bonet - Nothing Lasts Forever
Milla Jovovich - Former Love - Past Love
Deepak Chopra - My Gift to You
Gina Gershon - Flight To Freedom
Liev Schreiber - Time Is Short
Marisa Tomei - This Is True
Jared Harris - When I Kiss
Sinead O'Connor - Essence Of Love
Shekar Kapur - Lady Of Silence
Adriana Castelazo - In Love With You
Antonio Banderas - Sea Of Love
Sonja Sohn - My Song
Melanie Griffith - Soul Mate
Angelica Huston - I Will Come To You
Christy Turlington - Be
Deepak Chopra - Oceans Of Ecstasy
Kei Arita - I Am You Poem