quarta-feira, 16 de junho de 2010

Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 16 de Junho


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1ª hora

flaer - dynamic
madrid de los austrias - don´t tell everybody
makossa & megablast feat 3gga - mama
boogiewood - guy le arch
yubaba feat thailan - if you think i want some
variety lab feat david bartholome - mireia
van - in all there are excelent
freedom satellite - astro black/the big wow mix
urbs feat bagi & sarah ann - happy days
mosquito factory feat hubert tubbs - do it right
sheckter - some kind of moanin´
sugar b - love you anyway

2ª hora

camiel - take me to this place
gelka - soon
jahcoustix & dubious neighbourhood - wishful thinking
little axe - midnight dream
johnny farmer - death letter/organized noize remix
k chico - hey hey
radio utopia feat maria kamutzki - winter ski
kruder & dorfmeister - aikon
cusmos feat mirre m. - oh boy this is weird
peace orchestra - who am i/broken reform remix
marsmobil - patience

3ª hora

christian hornbostel feat sarah chris - looking back on tomorrow
pep llado - boslamb
blue wave - eu gosto de você
don gorda project - cielo terso
christoph spendel trio - beyond words
the sura quintet - discovering who you are
deja move - temporary fever
dukespan nyc - you don´t know me
weathertunes - siddharta
monosolar - facilite douce
fela manoz & obutie man - scratchy phonecall