segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2009

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 21 de Dezembro

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1ª hora

yello - oh yeah/2009
pete gust - nightlife
big mojo - as i feel myself/dj umbi deep remix
northbound - the trick
mungolian jet set - it ain´t necessarily evil
guts - introducing mr f
georg neufeld feat lia - put your arms around me
quasimode feat china moses - take me out
ocean gaya feat svene - love thing
zone - gimali/chris x-bass lisi remix

2ª hora

sabo & zeb - rise again/massivan remix
aaron tesser & the new jazz affair - stella/from p60 remix
acoustique parfum - accordance
sade - soldier of love
musetta - nicotine/todd macenzie remix
mungolian jet set - could you be loved
guts - we want to be different
yello - swing
sakai asuka - dance dance dance
platnum - sweet city
marc moulin - tenor/long fall mix
micatone - last christmas/back to nashville version
daniel paul feat colin corvez - something about you/alex barcs based on misunderstandings edit

3ª hora

maridis - take a look
elmio feat sarah lindroth - close to me
soul quality quartet - break it to me now
longniter feat kamala - pictures of you
acoustique parfum - joyfulfilled end
variety lab feat yael naim - love is a bird
the unkempt - what do you want more
angus & julia stone - take you away
elisabeth fraser - moses
renaud garcia-fons - la linea del sur
the black seeds - send a message/acoustic version