segunda-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2009

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 14 de Dezembro

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1ª hora

jay sinister & louie vega feat julie mcknight - bittersweet/jay´s main event
acos coolkas - free flight/inst.
lizz fields - day day day/loungin´remix
beatfanatic - sharpskin boogiestomp
blockhead - it´s raining clouds
razoof feat don abi - calling
arcade lover - fantasy lines
lisa shaw - im aokay
basement jaxx feat jose james - where r we now

2ª hora

pablo - turn the page
zeep - elasticated master peace
swamburger - sun vibes/beef wellington remix dub
nappy g - chinese new year(ying choi)
hygher baby feat parasto - when i found u
benny berigan - snake charmer
portishead - chase the tear
fug - tickin clock
lizz fields - you´re livin//they say remix
dublex inc feat sandhy san doro - shine
papik - staying for good
nickodemus & osiris feat petra phillipson - why can´t we live together

3ª hora

kero one - in all the wrong places
okada taxi feat rich medina - age of aquarius
razoof feat sofia petterson - nothing more & nothing less
laidback - people/banzai republic vs trentemoeller mix
pop-3 feat lukasz polowczyk - obsolete
minus 8 - white
eccy feat predawn - reflection
lisa ekdahl - i´ll be around
wax poetic feat sabina sciuba - demais
green point orchestra - 6 utra
tango siempre - diablo slow
bossa nossa - a casa