segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 22 de Junho

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1ª hora

ed royal feat micheline cardoso - coisa boa
trentemoeller - nightwalker
the herbalizer band - geddim
maxwell - love you
ralph falcon & victoria wilson james - swim(with the dolphins)
williams - love on a real train/williams odyssey mix
wax poetic feat marmelo sound system - guerra aqui
zone - gimali
adani & wolf - mist of dreams
paul r - thats the place on the french side
nouvelle vague - all my colours

2ª hora

skylark - too much information/manuel tur remix
zuco 103 - informação
ed royal - trip to bankok
dj pippi feat laurence b - 3 letters(lsd)
lovzyl & novikov - call from sevilla
maxwell - bah habits
marzebian - let it ride
pawas feat solly - the way out
s-tone inc - universe of love
moby - shot in the back of the head
bebo best & the super lounge orchestra - falar do tempo

3ª hora

gare du nord - poor boys blues nº2
anna nygren - a night for celebration
ernestine anderson - a song for you
the herbalizer band - stranded on earth
braxx summerlounge - go with the flow
maxwell - pretty wings
william orbit - my oracle lives uptown
kronos quartet - mugam beyati shiraz
pauline jean - blue skies/ciel bleu
ute lemper - here is love
silje nergaard - frozen