segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2009

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 15 de Junho

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1ª hora

lady white - let me try
solan - gotta use it/gorge renix
umbo & balatz - play button
nickodemus & osiris feat petra phillipson - why can´t we live together
atjazz feat sarah jane morris - fantasy
grooveprofessor feat asheni - sweet bad habbit
moby - pale horses
sophie hunger - shape
teddy thompson - can´t sing straight
agoria feat scalde - dust
the pleb - shadow of a bee

2ª hora

dj dealer feat inaya day - my all/hideo kobayashi instrumental
furry phreaks - want me like water/2008 remix
dj pippi feat laurence b - 3 letters(lsd)
earthrise sound system - rama
beatrice simpson - moods
tomato jaws - be with me/tigerskin true dance remix
rey salinero - subir/2008 edit
naoki kenji - let it flow/the jazz mix
afterlife feat neve - miracle
nouvelle vague - say hello wave goodbye
yuliet topaz - killing me softly with his song

3ª hora

eddie silverton - aperitif
anna nygren - easy love
hermosa - sandman
asheni - fingertips
climatic - yamo ma
sphere - my baby´s gone
dego lounge - jazz nuit
mylene - o paraíso
maria joão & mário laginha - i´ve grown accustomed to his face
dj estefan - libre