sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2009

Emissão de Sexta-Feira - 15 de Maio

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1ª hora

united future organization - listen love/yoruba soul remix
zwicker feat heidi happy - who you are
laurent garnier - no music,no life
una mas trio - mas y mas
phlash & friends feat om´mas - do it up
club squisito - klepto/original mix
kissey asplund feat soliloquuy - move me
rasmus farber feat linda sundblad - always/ananda project vocal mix
nick van gelder feat jim hunt - mxr
mr patron & luda - one more drink

2ª hora

the young lovers - this is what it´s all about
4 ears and lady bird - cant be without you/jihad muhammad remix
anto vitale feat heide vogel levo - tazi nights/shabu jazz mix
dusty feat carla vallet - rhythmo
zuco 103 - longing/wagon cookin´remix
the pimps of joytime - gosalo
markus enochson feat cornelia - take me away/eva be remix
tuomo - the grant
the bahama soul club feat bella wagner - muchacho
me and you - hoop loop/solo moderna mix
floorjivers - whatever lola wants

3ª hora

the moleskins - money
briskey - spellbound
minus 8 feat virag - everybody´s gotta learn sometimes
america - horse with no name/wade nichols remix
fink - move on me
randy watson experience - be still my breathing heart
boozoo bajou - grains
bliss - people among us
rui reininho - faz parte do meu show
venissa santi - wish you well
kero one feat tuomo - let´s just be friends
hoje - amália hoje - nome de rua