quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009

Emissão de Quinta-Feira - 28 de Maio


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1ª hora

deyampert feat desney bailey - the sweetest delusion/frost & wagner remix
steal vybe feat alexis simmons - selene/damon´s soulgasm mix
season & sygaire feat randolph matthews - cowboys & angels
blackcoffee feat bucie - turn me on/blackcoffee remix
spiritual blessings feat jay rags - deep not deep
carolyn victorian - i´m back/camio soul vocal mix
la cherga feat irina karamarkovic - cooking dub
andy holder feat an-tronic - pleasure dome
gare du nord - groove me up

2ª hora

wipe the needle feat ct martin - hands up/main vocal mix
tuomo - the grant
midnight lab band - time waits for no man
heiko voss - i think about you
rithma feat dan boissey - sex sells
zuco 103 - nunca mais/dj patife remix
radiokijada - manoteo en menor
jettricks feat adefunke & faye houston - lose you/lemongrass deep house mix
flevans feat shona foster - more on the way
briskey - ossessione
pc synergy - ready 2 wear

3ª hora

club squisito - i´m flying
gare du nord - call it quits
iggy pop - a machine for loving
stee downes - obviously/lazy version
gabin - la maison/di battista´s dream
aaron tesser & the new jazz affair - 7:40 pm
nat king cole feat bebel gilberto - brazilian love song
juliana aquino - i´m every woman
america - horse with no name/wade nichols remix
buika - culpa mia
club des belugas - quatre pièces collées pt 1
tuomo - if it doesn´t hurt you