sexta-feira, 10 de abril de 2009

Emissão de Sexta-Feira - 10 de Abril

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1ª hora

richard burton - to begin at the beginning
cliff martinez - don´t blow it
cliff martinez & randy miller - nothing makes the gods laugh harder
antony hagerty with bryce dressner - i was young when i left home
cliff martinez - the mission is over
origamibiro - gathers in puddles
simian - the tale of willow hill
soy un caballo - robin
cliff martinez - i can´t do this
cliff martinez - what size shoe
cat power - amazing grace
the dodos - beards
cliff martinez - crime scene
fleet foxes - icicle tusk
the accidental - time and space
beirut - mimizan
tunng - woodcat
the dodos - bob
the accidental - jaw of a whale
cliff martinez - will she come back
the books fet jose gonzalez - cello song
keven drew - love vs porn
james yuill - you always do
cliff martinez - he´s a real talker
doris day - time to say goodnight
philip jeck - wholesome
cliff martinez - snorting coke & walking around
richard burton - now the town is dusk
bliss - a last meeting
sophie barker - just for you
ane brun - my lover will go
eliza lumley - how to disappear completly
kenneth bager - romeo
patty moon - me and the moon
brian eno - an ending
ludovico einaudi - paper smile
christophe goze - le couer grenadine
junopilot - mondschnee
bob holroyd - autumn leaves
christophe lebled - return to earth
caroline nuova - sweet nothing
alexandro da silva - dacota sunlight
bugge wesseltoft - talking to myself pt 1
nuno filipe - a smalltown boy called jesus
kerem gorsev - serenity
the cinematic orchestra - transformation