quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2009

Emissão de Quinta-Feira - 09 de Abril


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1ª hora

bellman - sculpt me a dream
stardelay - thoughts and words
rogall & the electric circus sideshow - beyond garden walls
hilton fm - easy living
nicholas payton - blue
terez montcalm - sweet dreams
jens buchert - nite suite
b-tribe - água azul
minus 8 - slow motion
floorjivers - you and me
nostalgia 77 - quiet dawn/examples of twelves remix
thomas siffling trio feat veronika arcsa - one hand clapping

2ª hora

club des belugas - la mer
nitin sawhney feat roxanne tataei - distant dreams
morley - places i´ve never been
tosca - raymundo
diana krall - the boy from ipanema
boozoo bajou feat rumor - same sun
trinah - it´s not the rain
jojo effect - sunny summerday
de phazz & the radio big band frankfurt - heart gallery
nicola conte feat jose james - the nubian queens
ilya - soleil soleil

3ª hora

madeleine peyroux - to love you all over again
melody gardot - if the stars we´re mine
jay jay johanson - lightning strikes
fleurs noirs - cruzando el charco
sidsel endressen & bugge wesseltoft - out here in there
cassandra wilson - harvest moon
terry callier - once i dreamed of heaven
gianmaria testa - come un´america
jane monheit - like a star
patricia barber - what is this thing called love
terez montcalm - private lies
alison ruble - so in love