terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Emissão de Terça-Feira - 04 de Dezembro

Noite de Vigilia - Emissão de Terça-Feira - 04 de Dezembro


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1ª hora

Jorge Takei - Things You See (Original Mix)
Chris James - Break Ups No Make Ups (Original Mix)
Sasse - Warm Wave (Original Mix)
Dale Howard - Hold It Down (No Artificial Colours Remix)
Loopsize - Kontrol Punkt (Original Mix)
Cozzy D - Get High (Nico Purman Remix)
Davide Vario - Flexing (Original Mix)
Domy - Dont Even Know Me (Original Mix)

2ª hora

Maxxi Soundsystem Feat Name One- Regrets We Have No Use For (Original Mix)
Miguel Campbell - Flight School (Original Mix)
Mario Basanov - Do You Remember
Massive Attack - One Love
Vanessa Daou - Heart Of Wax (Ganga Mix)
Wax Poetic Feat. Sissy Clemens - No Escape
Bjork - Virus  (Hudson Mohawke Peaches and Guacamol Remix)
Claudia Brucken - Memories Of A Color
dOP - December 25 (Original Mix)
Curumin - Mistério Stereo
Grazyna Auguscik - River Man
L'Orange Feat yU - The Mad Writer

3ª hora

Albert St.Barth - Cafe Au Lait - Fametantra Mix
Days of Triumph - One
Junique - Eine sekunde - Lounge mix
Claude Chagall - Clair De Lune - Miami Del Mar Mix
Martinique le Souffleur - Sunset Ibiza - Hotel Talamanca
Mirage Of Deep - Song For The Kingdom Of Inside
Albert St. Barth - Aqua Del Mar - Ibiza Collection Mix
Smooth Deluxe - Sunset Chillers - Chill Out Groove Dreamer
Beach Hoppers - I'm Right Here
DJ MNX - Blue Sky
Smooth Deluxe - My Sunny Day - Memento Pura Beach Mix