terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2012

Emissão de Terça-Feira - 29 de Maio

Noite de Vigilia - Emissão de Terça-Feira - 29 de Maio


oiça a emissão on-line em:

1ª hora

and.id - air
david harness feat roland clark - the deejay´s an alien/rocco dub
j.axel & astrid suryanto - roam/highway 73 remix
adana twins - helium cowbboy/original mix
lolo - gonna be/album mix
dave aju - away away
terranova feat thomas hoffding - paris is for lovers
oxia - rue brucherie
venedikt reyff & paul eidner - sexspionage

2ª hora

totally enormous extinct dinosaurs - you need me on my own
vector lovers - girl plus robot/2011 remaster
agoria - wrong line
mungolian jet set - ties´n`downs
nina kraviz feat king aus - aus
amirali - whisper
unforscene - 78th on 3rd
wareika - riders on the storm
antony raijekov - drop of whisper
apparat - goodbye
architecture in helsinki - b4 3d

3ª hora

lagh maush - tribal soul/original mix
mindrunner - journey into the light/abendrot remix
solindro - wintrofobian/personality impersonality remix
rkane - earthrise/original mix
moodwing - for a rainy day/chilled edit
console 9 - highlife hungary/inzah chillout remake
ambitus - 100 teardrops
marco allevi - in front of the sea
yoga yama - ahimsa
softcore - symmetry
kokoz - ohm
gotam chopra - the storm