segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2012

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 09 de Abril

Noite de Vigilia - Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 09 de Abril

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1ª hora

cosmic cowboys - all the words i never told you/marc poppcke remix
aero manyelo & phumy - im losing my mind/jovonn soulfro remix
boddhi satva & osunlade feat athenai - flesh of your flesh
mercury feat robert owens - candlelight/original mix
ltj xperience feat joe bataan - when the rain begin to fall/original mix
smoove & turrell - in deep/dj friction future boogie remix
chaos in the cbd - im losing you
the glue - without you/original mix
k.a.t.o. - disco-tech/studio 54 mix
lulo cafe feat nothende - i wanna love you/cecil´s rubdown feat josh millan

2ª hora

vincent l - ultimate dream
lb sound - impact/original mix
deep chill - walking party
dj yasodhara - seen in a dream
raj chaitaly - sacred knowledge/zen mix
yash t - monsoon wind
therr maitz - feel free/vocal rip
alexander daf - some new expression/rabitza remix
threee salty sailors - lighthouse in fog
rm hubbert - car song
macy gray - here comes the rain again
adelyn rose - never get tired

3ª hora

club des belugas feat anna luca - my hunger hurts/live
stagazer - femme noble
sans chichi - successive
panaphonic - the outside view/remix
golden tone radio - no meanings
aandra feat ayako higuchi - green tea
collioure - sunrise,sunset & moonlight
gushi & raffunk - the inside
five seasons - la isla
naoki kenji - move
stj & inusa dawuda & creek off - waterfalls
pnfa - resist