quinta-feira, 1 de março de 2012

Emissão de Quinta-Feira - 01 de Março


oiça a emissão on-line @ antena 3:

1ª hora

nicco imani - speaking to the drum/back to my roots edit
athenai - life/d´oke smile remix
soul side feat keeno lee - city of dreams/original mix
sequential soul - breath deeper
eman & boddhi satva - sweet brown sugar/main mix
upz feat kafele - believing/qness remix
avi elman & danny j feat mani hoffman - love is not for hire/blackcoffee mix
mr cee feat lady x - lifted/p.m.project corner cafe mix
the shuffle club & tommy largo - mack the knife/original mix

2ª hora

delia ros & melia lopez - draw me a smille/metrika remix
dj yellow & yota - someone/sleep no more drum edit
bhabha betasweet feat biggie - luv comes around/betasweet teabg perc mix
chris air - my special k/original mix
dj t feat khan - leaving/david august remix
art department - touch you gently
massive attack feat elisabeth fraser - teardrop/damgroove remix
duffy - live and let die
jem - yellow

3ª hora

bernd scholl - voices in the wind
tya - akwaba
roykey - atma victu
alquimia - she moves through the fair/remix
potsch potschka - grazalema plains
delago - miles away
drum´n´space - dive into a black hole
gleisberg - shiva om cafe
althea w. - pacifist
ashron - eternal love
marcator - jokhang rising
joe weineck - breakfast in neptune