terça-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2012

Emissão de Terça-Feira - 10 de Janeiro


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1ª hora

nhow nhow - bel ami/original mix
debal sommer - ruedi mentaer
gastek - the mind/ldf & lodstrocket remix
re:avis - groove empire
m & s feat shaun escoffery - so sweetly/m&s sure shot vocal
deep hope - fleeting happiness
whitesquare - all eyes on me
fex fellini - move me
efdemin - there will be a singing/efdemin´s future edit

2ª hora

brassroots - seven nation army
sebastian arevalo feat tancredo - tell me
smoove & turrell - hammond/working mens club remix
mayer hawthorne - dont turn the lights on
agosto feat juzhin - the diamond
benoit & sergio - around the world
benji boko - slow junkie
bugge wesseltoft - hope
wareika - rumba swing/dubbed out by daniel stefanik

3ª hora

inner science - amotion
p. locke aka therapy - brava
carlo - trapped in the attic
jahbitatt - timber(an ode to trees gone)
john robinson feat mf doom & invizible handz - sorcerers
aether - makeshift sanctuary
40 winks - at the lunar bar/live
mr cooper - untitled
dday one - cast no stones
mat young - barn burning
john robinson - whyd you lie
the q4 - one of these days
mathematik - if it isnt
glen porter - um
pablie - since then
glue kids - where have all the flowers gone