sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2011

Emissão de Sexta-Feira - 23 de Dezembro

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1ª hora

gorge - imara/liapin & tjoma wild piano mix
melchyor a - a lately night conversation/melchyor s´s hmida remix
youandewan - alone in berlin
jaidene veda - healing/veda vocal
sebastian davidson & enthousiaste gasten - jonesey/original mix
korablove - percussionata
blackcoffee feat zakes bantwini - juju - halo & atjazz deeply minded mix
william fitzsimmons - so this is goodbye/pink ganter remix

2ª hora

papercut - he loves me she loves me not
60 hertz project - lets take a ride/original mix
blackcoffee - crazy/zepherin saint instrumental
nôze feat dop - in the back of my ship
bajka - the hauting/club des belugas remix
sean khan feat genevieve grant - what is jazz?
nicolas jaar - keep me there
re:plus feat othello - relax & chill
jean honeymoon & victor maximiliano - deepa nova/extended version
club des belugas feat breanda boykin - zoo zizaro

3ª hora

openzone bar feat addex - quality of life
moon - know
ohm-g - homework
lahr - winter
friends of led - twelve steps
ronin - lights out
eigenart - deep shadows
j axel - one with the city
ohm-g - big surprise
g-pal - moments of you
elias - dub soda
naomi - astonsilicon