quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 25 de Outubro


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1ª hora

poolside - take me home
massivan - 2 b @ 1 with the world
daniel dexter & nhan solo - our thang/original mix
herr stylerv - zero ghosts out the door
timmy regisford feat lynn lockamy - at the club/da capo´s afro mix
gus gus - be with me
gaia mima - light ages/dymons remix
dj cam feat nicolette - love
drop out orchestra - it will never be the same
celt islam feat dawoud the renegade sufi - attar
hess is more - going lokking for the end of the world

2ª hora

j.viewz - about the sea
jamie woon - spirits/youtube cut
dj cam - california dreamin´
kimbra - settle down
jono mccleery - garden
hype williams - rise up/copeland pmt club mix
dj center feat njimole - a few good words
imperatrice - ten
massivan feat jen - blue love
my brightest diamond - we added it up
coldplay - up in flames
james blake - once we all agree

3ª hora

sun glitters - there/stumbleine remix
vitodito feat sara pollino - the song i promised you/chillout mix
synthetic brain - tears on the heart/original mix
dj rap - so high/brian matrix vocal mix
paul hardcastle - rainforest/whats going on/chill mix
enigma - premonition/absolute version
secret garden - prayer/original mix
rameses b - memoirs/original mix
sergey nevone & simon o´shine - last goodbye/orchestral mix
young parisians feat ben lost - jump the next train/slow train version
theoplates - im not simone choule/original mix
erdi irmak - go where badges dont count/original mix