terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Emissão de Terça-Feira - 17 de Maio


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1ª hora

bliss feat masmin - jungle voyage/groover assassin tribal mix
escort - cocaine blues/greg wilson remix
fudge fingas - its about time
laidback - cocaine cool/soul clap vocal mix
korablove - splash forward
stefano e bene feat hard ton - why your love/katz batz remix
moby - victoria lucas
pawas - rapchik

2ª hora

unforscene - return of the wob/rocket
rarotango - duel
goldfrapp - uk girls(physical)
raphael gualazzi - reality & fantasy/gilles peterson remix
blue six feat tabitha fair - you used to rock
booker t jones feat lou reed - the bronx
black might wax - psycho killer
celtic pink floyd - wish you were here
mo horizons feat marga munguambe - so on
little monk - tangeri
mistachic feat inusa dawuda - feels like home
moby - the broken places
mazzy star - fade into you
radiohead - fake plastic trees

3ª hora

rodrigo leão - lonely carousel
michel picolli,romy schneider,nina simone - let it be me
craig armstrong - weather storm
scott walker - if you go away
sarah mclachlan - angel
melingo - cha digo
barber - adagio for strings
elvis costello - she
amy winehouse - me and mr jones
antony & the johnsons - you are my sister
pretenders - i go to sleep
debussy - clair de lune
norah jones - dont know why
eva cassidy - over the rainbow