quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010

Emissão de Quarta-Feira - 01 de Dezembro


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joe dukie & dj fitchie - midnight marauders
hilltribe vs staple singers - going away/dublex inc remix
flevans - stars
ganga - sweet morning
banzai republic feat al jarreau - when she´s gone
laidback - beautiful day/banzai republic vs trentemoeller vocal mix
khan feat julee cruise - say goodbye/loaoul she´s homeless mix
hawke - mass
mr bird vs wild palms - laidback
visti & meyland - all nite/yes maam
shantel - bucovina
rework - i can´t remember anything
hess is more - walksong
luke - baby stay fair
mastafaktor - we jazz
barfuesser - i´m sorry
dj jerry - deep craft
peter floer - latin beach
luis guerra - out of nation
frank mash - without you
dg - cercando di te
romanto and out of the drum feat eddie greene - reasons/acoustic research 4 am mix
digital alkemist - lost in lust
paul macinnes & t.b.o.i. - welcome to the bunker/horn version
cool million feat aaron washington - pride
friends of led - aimless
cool million - sweet baby
christos fourkis - beloved images
markintosh - thongnaipan
marys mine - marvin
eigenart - you proceed
moodorama - peace
naomi - the idea of going into the darkness
bugge wesseltoft & sidsel endressen - try
john martyn - glory box