terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

Emissão de Terça-Feira - 26 de Outubro


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1ª hora

audio lotion - la valise
gianno - stella in the starlight/dave allison mix
the burhorn feat y´akoto - you will never know
louie austen - wild thing/matzak remix
seductive souls feat cleo fernandes - favela funk
re:jazz feat alice russell - gabrielle/kiko navarro main mix
jazzbox - eia
bran van 3000 feat freddie james - la dolce vita
jambassa feat hotdrop - unravel
the bahama soul club feat pat appleton - tangossa
afternoons in stereo - party at mimi & dick´s

2ª hora

radio citizen feat bajka - hope
moby - why does my heart feel so bad
lloyd cole - margo´s waltz
full crate & mar - aftersexin´
nina becker - lágrimas negras
dead can dance - the ubiquitious mr lovegroove
elisabeth kontomanou - i put a spell on you/live
elisabeth fraser - moses/spaceland remix
paolo conte - tra le tue braccia
jeb loy nichols - probably never stop
raul midon - everybody deserves a second chance
the rAah project - all of your things

3ª hora

sunset blvd - loving you
corinne bailey rae - enchantment/amp fidler remix
transfer - possession/almadrava remix
m´black - looking for a danger/almadrava remix
aeotw - one more time
husky rescue - city lights/vector lovers mix
fake - fake
c&g - bullet in the gun/chill mix
marcheselli produzion - libertango
kate the cat - sigh
hardkandy feat phillipa alexander - big sand
konferenz - konvent
inna & play & win - on & on