segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

Emissão de Segunda-Feira - 05 de Abril

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1ª hora

chris vano & kathrin wagner - the white lounge
django novo - seven years
barrio jazz gang - entre o céu e o mar
tosca - springer/smith & mudd version
colonel red feat rasiyah - nlue eye blak
etro anime - day by day
thomas dybdahl - all is not lost
dj ino - trip to brooklyn
smokey bandits - the return of the gypsy sound
robert passera feat laurenço neto - maquette
the timewriter feat thereza baltimore - broken spell

2ª hora

roland von der aist - saxcuts/parov stelar remix
protassov feat bajka - i wonder
abigoba - peace brings silence
tosca - my first/nicola conte version
hollie smith - before this day is gone
mark murphy - stolen moments/midnight mood rework
kiwi twist - viva la revolution
caro emerald - absolutely me
magnet - lay lady lay
thomas dybdahl - one day you´ll dance for me new york
smokey bandits - subway hustler
dj ino - why dub

3ª hora

quiet village - victoria´s secret
zilversurf - céu sem fim
bittersweet - heaven
the rainstick orchestra - waltz for a little bird
waldeck feat zeebee - our day will come
boozoo bajou - flickers
paul and price - bossa nostra
the cinematic orchestra - talking about freedom
oh laura - a call to arms
laura mary - because of you
egyptian nursery - still
the alumnium group - were both hiding
caravan palace - ended with the night