terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

Emissão de Terça-Feira - 16 de Março


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1ª hora

daniel Paul feat colin corvez - something about you/alex barcks based on misunderstandings edit
jose burgos & duce martinez - paradise
basement jaxx feat jose james - where r we now
dj rico aka deep yall - philadelphia/justin imperiale mix
yello - part love
the vogado projects feat lucy gale - mas fuerte que el sol
bomb the bass feat kelley polar - x ray eyes
milez benjiman - equal
goldfrapp - voicething
samuel and the dragon - rising up/slow mix

2ª hora

gorillaz - orchestral intro & welcome to the world of plastic beach
dub pistols feat ashley slater - song for summer
massive attack feat horace andy - splitting the atom
kevin yost - truth be told
gabin feat z-star - life can be so beautiful
anané - rock the cradle
bonobo feat andreya triana - the keeper
from p 60 feat todd williams - morning in the city
radio utopia feat bajka - human loss and gain/club des belugas remix
parker feat laura collins - dig´n´swing
clara hill feat joe dukie - flawless pt2
matt kowalsky feat kroke - wiseman

3ª hora

dadamnphreaknoizphunk feat jen - waiting
jazz liberatorz - clin d´oeil
zepp - lazy
jojo effect - kamasutra
wet cookies - unwind
jane monheit - i ain´t gonna let you hurt my heart
lhasa - love came here
1 giant leap feat huun huur tu,mxo,eddie reader - serenity prayer
at freddy´s house - dancing in the dark
mavis feat cerys matthews - nemesis required
angus & julia stone - draw your swords